Bows and Arrows
Remainder of hickory after
removing bark for canoe.
Four- and six-foot sections of
hickory halved, quartered, and
eighthed into bow staves--now
in attic storage.
Bows and Arrows
This page is the beginning of the process of
building bows and arrows from Eastern
Woodlands in general and from Virginia forests in

The work shown is the preparation of hickory
stock from which bows can be made after about
two years of curing.  This came from a hickory
Splitting tools for gathering bow stock.
tree located of a forested mountainside in the
Shenandoah Valley near Luray, Virginia.
While the use of hickory for bows is well-documented,
the favored wood for bows is Osage Orange and Yew.
In 2003 Hurricane Isabel blew down an ancient Osage
Orange next to the #4 fairway on Spotswood golf
course in Williamsburg Virginia. I was given
permission to take some of the debris and from that.
More about this later.